Bokiso, and what it means…

“The absolute base of strength and elegance” Bokiso’s meaning has finally been brought to the light. Before Bokiso was just another collaboration of letters until Bokiso himself had a sit down with his thoughts and realized that he was searching for something else within the name. As he traveled through the depths of his mind 3 words stood out (STRENGTH, BALANCE, RESPECT) these were the bases of his life and these are the bases he hopes to mold into the foundation of Bokiso the brand.

Work in progress…

We are pushing to create garments that are elegant, simple, and overall strong. We are on a constant hunt for newer and better ways for comfortability. Using the best forms of quality such as heavier garments, softer combed cottons, and using durable methods of printing such as the art of manual screen printing, reliable embroidery and other methods. All of our products are 100% decorated in America to help insure workers are receiving their well earned wages.

Our goal is to create product that makes you feel and look comfortable, aside from improving your overall look. We hope that you find at least one product you resinate with and we hope you enjoy your stay.